Attracting Birds With Peanuts

Offering peanuts will endear you to woodpeckers. But other birds are attracted to peanuts, too. Titmice will frequent a peanut feeder more readily than a sunflower feeder. Jays will take peanuts in any form: whole, shelled, bits, or hearts (anything “peanutty” seems to be “jay-OK!”). Other peanut lovers (in no particular order) include cardinals, juncos, nuthatches, mourning doves, chickadees, sapsuckers, towhees, wrens, thrashers, buntings, and the occasional warbler. That’s quite an assortment of fans for a humble tuber!

As with all bird feeders, it is important to keep your peanut feeder clean, especially during hot and humid weather. When peanuts get wet, they
can become moldy. Mold or fungi can cause problems for birds and animals that eat the food.

Without a doubt, adding peanuts to your feeder offerings will attract birds and likely encourage new and different avian species to visit your yard. Ask our staff to help you choose the right peanut feeder to expand a peanut-feeding attraction to your yard.

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