Using a Smartphone as a Birding Tool

Binoculars remain the essential tool for bird watchers, but connected devices such as smartphones can elevate this humble hobby into the realm of science.

Coordinating a group of bird watchers becomes easy using texts and tweets. Species identification can be done upon sighting with smartphone apps, or later at home using a location-tagged video or photo.

Second only to binoculars, smartphones can be essential tools for birders. The handheld devices from iPhones, iPod Touches, Androids and Blackberrys are loaded with a dozen or more apps on birding identification and bird songs. The Audubon Birds Field Guide app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android phones. The Cornell Lab Bird Q&A is available for iPhones and iPod Touch.

Smartphones are used for email, texts, tweeting (a favorite of birders) and listservs to share bird sightings with fellow birders.

Do you use a smartphone as a birding tool?

Yes, I use it regularly.
Yes, it’s helpful every now and then.
Yes, it’s helpful every now and then.
No, I don’t own a smartphone.

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