Get Started Feeding the Birds

Feeders come in a wide variety styles. The best feeder to begin bird feeding is the one that caters to the birds that already find your yard a suitable habitat. Birds are sometimes wary of new feeders, however, by targeting birds that are already in the area, the time it takes birds to utilize the new food source will be much shorter.

Things to Remember

• Make sure you can see the feeder from a comfy spot in your home. The whole point of adding a feeder to your yard is so that you and your family can enjoy watching the birds.
• Place your feeder where it is visible. Birds generally find their food by sight.
• Sprinkle some seed on the ground to encourage the birds to a new feeding area.
• Use a seed type or seed blend based on the birds in your area.
• Keep your feeders clean and the seed fresh.

Don’t be disappointed if you only see little brown House Sparrows at first. Birds are attracted by activity. If a flock of birds deem your feeder good, then others will follow.

It’s good to understand what kind of backyard habitat you have and what birds you might attract depending on the season. Have fun and enjoy your birds!