How to Attract Birds to Your Yard

Providing food, nest boxes, nesting materials, water, and natural habitat can attract birds to our backyards, giving us much nicer views of them and, when done properly, making life easier for the birds. Attracting birds is also a great way to introduce young people to nature, and it’s something the whole family can share. Having a bird-friendly yard has never been more important

Where to begin?

An easy way to start attracting birds is to put up a bird feeder. Choose feeders and foods that appeal to the birds you want to attract.

Some birds, especially woodpeckers and chickadees, excavate cavities in tree trunks for nesting and roosting. Many other species, such as wrens, bluebirds, and some ducks and owls, nest in cavities that other birds have made. Nest boxes offer these birds a place to raise their young, especially where natural cavities are at a premium.

Bird Baths and Other Enticements

A source of clean water, for drinking and bathing, may attract birds that don’t visit feeders. We have ideas for other great attractants, too, such as building a brush pile, keeping that Christmas Tree and water gardens.

The Big Picture: Landscaping

How we landscape our yard and deal with insects and weeds can make the difference between a bird haven and a pile of problems. Our landscaping section is full of tips to help you make your backyard a place where birds thrive.


Attracting birds to your property is full of rewards, but it brings problems and responsibilities too, from too many starlings or geese to woodpecker holes in your house.

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