Using QR Codes at the BackYard Naturalist

Using QR Codes at the BackYard Naturalist

Use your smart phone to see a video about the Bird of the Month or check out the difference between our seed blends. You can now go directly to our shopping cart to purchase products online or read or write a product review.

What is a QR Code?

You’ll see these Quick Response Codes, or QR Codes for short, throughout this site and in our shop soon!
QR Codes are an easy way to see videos and/or learn more information using your smart phone and a downloaded QR Code reader app. We’re excited to add this technology to make your hobby even more enjoyable.

New In-store Seed Blend Signs

Now, it’s even easier to choose the right blend for your birds.

• Specific blend ingredients are indicated with colored boxes, and the three columns make it easy to compare blends.

• The more ingredients in the center column, the less uneaten seed debris left behind.
• The more “Plus” ingredients, the more seasonally appropriate or the more species that are attracted.

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