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Choosing the Right Seed

There are several types of wild bird seed available today that will attract a variety of birds to your backyard. Use the chart at the bottom of this page to determine the types of birds you can attract to your feeders. Types Of Bird Seed Black-Oil Sunflower Seed The #1 choice to feed and attract the...

Wild Finch Blend

Carefully selected nyjer, millets, canola and canary seed are mixed into the Wild Finch Blend to attract a variety of finches to your feeder. No white proso millet (as used in other finch mixes) because it does not attract finches and it tends to plug up finch feeders due to its large size.

Triple Delight Blend

The three most attractive ingredients to eastern birds are black oil sunflower, striped sunflower and fresh roasted and unsalted peanuts. Triple Delight Blend will attract over 60 different birds to eastern Canadian feeders.

Town & Country Blend

Town and Country Blend is a highly attractive blend of seeds. Because of the nature of the seed, it is not attractive to Starlings. With a large quantity of both black oil and grey striped sunflowers, these are the two most attractive ingredients to eastern birds.

Squirrel Free Blend

A natural mix of bird seed that attracts to birds, not squirrels. Contains no harsh pepper or chemicals. Attract cardinals, goldfinches, purple finches, sparrows, mourning doves, indigo buntings, pine siskins, and many more birds.

Seasons Woodland™

Seasons’ Woodland formula is adjusted each season to suit the needs of birds, with over 30 different grains, fruits and minerals. This blend is mixed for the 62 different species of birds that may be attracted to your feeder.

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