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Bringing People Closer to Nature

Feeding birds has changed from the times when birds were only fed to trap for the pot, to the Nature reserves providing shelter, to only feeding in the breeding season, until now when year round feeding is best for the birds. If there’s one thing we know about those who participate in the hobby of backyard bird feeding, it’s that they love to learn about the wild birds in their backyard. We have gathered extensive information about bird habitats, bird behavior as well as bird care. The practical side of feeding the birds offers many challenges, skills, euphoria, and unfortunately the odd bit of tragedy. It is recommended to feed wild birds throughout the year.

Our mission includes informing and educating people about the wonders of birding and natural habitats.

Bird Feeding and Bird Care Attract Birds to your Yard
Attracting Birds with Peanuts
Bird Baths
Bird Feeding
Bluebird Feeders
Cats and Bird Watching
Custom Seed Blends
Design a Pond for Birds
Feeder Preferences
Feeding Fruits
Feeding Suet
Get Started Feeding the Birds
Get Up-Close and Personal
Houses for Birds
How to Prevent Window Strikes
Keeping Feeders Clean
Keeping our Wild Birds Healthy
Keeping Rodents Out
Landscaping for Birds
Orphaned & Injured Birds
Reclaim Your Feeders with Safflower Seed
Spring Bird Feeding
Summer Bird Feeding
Winter Bird Feeding
Bird Behavior Bird Anting
Bird Bathing & Dusting
Bird Courtship Rituals
Bird Migration
Choosing the Right Seed
Bird Mating
Moulting: Old Feathers, New Feathers